Glass rod Chartreuse Crayon

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Glass rod Chartreuse Crayon, first quality.

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Chartreuse Crayon, 403 is a dense, vibrant cadmium based green with a yellow undertone. It is great for all applications and will remain dense when pulled down thin. This color is easy to work and is safe in all applications.

Working Tip: Pre-heat in outer flame. Avoid rapid heating.

Description by Mike Shelbo:
“This yellow green opaque loves to be worked in the outer region of the flame. It stays beautiful and creamy and smooth when worked properly and can be worked without encasement. When using for bit work be mindful of the point at which the glass bit separates from the rod as this tiny spot is susceptible to minor boiling as it melts down. Boil spots can be avoided by folding/pushing the separation point into the bit while molten or place a tiny dab of clear on top, but do not overheat directly while melting in.”

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