Flexburner Gen 2.0 PLUS

Distributed by MVE, Madhatter Glassworks

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Magnetic base, supplied with fixable square metal bracket

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Madhatter’s original Flexburner Gen 2.0 PLUS is the only multi-position bunsen burner available!
Its CNC machined billet aluminum body with 4 rotating burner nozzles allows huge flexibility in the heat distribution on the workpiece. The nozzles swivel 20° and stay in position, allowing you to customize your flame, from a concentrated central fire to a wide “crown flame” and everything in between.

The body has four powerful neodymium magnets concealed in the base making the Flexburner extremely compact such a large flame coverage! The bottom is also threaded for screw attachment to a Flexmount or bracket.

The Flexburner Gen 2.0 PLUS feature adjustable air flow control on each nozzle.
The flame is stable at propane pressures from 2 to 10 psi (0.138 to 0.690 bar), but must be throttle controlled above 3psi (0.207 bar) with a needle valve which is sold seperately.

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