Our selection of the best worldwide brands for glasswork products


Our selection of the best worldwide brands for glasswork products

Relying on our experience and our worldwide network of glasswork experts, we have built partnerships with the best brands in the world, each of them being the leader in their own area.

To complete our offer, we also  proudly propose our own range of products.

MVE exclusive partnerships

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MVE product range

Designed by glassworkers for glassworkers

Our objective is to create a structure genuinely connected with the world of glassworkers, where we can work with passionate professionals, friends and sometimes even family. Designing innovative and practical tooling quickly came as a necessity to us.

Creating our own brand also meant that we had to come up with a great added-value compared to what is already out there. We are also doing our best to adopt an eco-friendly approach in the way we make and distribute our products – opting for a local production and sourcing, or using recycled materials.

When you are a passionate glassworkers as us, new ideas are surfacing every day. That’s why we have taken the initiative to design products to answer our own needs, which are very likely the same than yours. Our design approach is completely transparent to the glasswork world : if you have an idea, please get in touch.

Commitment and guarantee

A new approach to glasswork

We put our passion and expertise at your service to curate the best products available on the market.

  • Shipping in France and Europe within 72H

  • Customer support and advice

  • Our products are tested and approved by our experts

  • Frequent catalogue update

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