Tools and equipment for professional glassworkers


Tools and equipment for professional glassworkers

MVE has curated for you the best tools, equipment and safety accessories.

Burners and accessories

The glassworker’s best friend

We have selected excellent products from our partner MIEMA and his large range of burners. You will also find all the accessories you need to set it up and run it.

Accessories for burners

Please feel free to get in touch and share a picture of your installation with us for advice. We will point you the right accessories to build a safe and optimal installation.

There are different things to consider : the type of glasswork you are doing, the shape, the thickness, the size of the tube you will work on, etc. If you have any doubt, please reach out to MVE so that we can help you to pick the best burner for you.


Glass annealing

We have selected a few kilns to anneal your glass after fabrication. You will find different sizes and opening systems to fit in any workshop.

Oxygen Concentrators

Make you own bottles of oxygen

Oxygen concentrators are a complete system to generate yourself pure oxygen and fill your bottles. With such a machine in your workshop, you can be self-sufficient in terms of oxygen.

Safety and protection accessories

Safety goggles light and confortable for glassworking

The indispensable accessory to work safely. Polycarbonate lenses are resistant to scratches, IR reflects, UV and sodium.

Popular products

Commitment and guarantee

A new approach to glasswork

We put our passion and expertise to your service to curate the best products available on the market.

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