Glass annealing kiln on hinges

Adam Pyrométrie

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Annealing kiln with hinged top bell-opening and its handle

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Multi-functional & versatile glass fusing/thermoforming kiln for different firing processes: raku, biscuits, earthenware, porcelain decoration, glass fusing/thermoforming, metal paste, metal enamelling, tempering, steel heat treatment.

The TC2066 programmer (5 programs of 5 ramps), allows you to record your firing programmes and to make curves of rise in temperature and chain descent. This process is generally used for firing ceramics. Double display of the actual temperature and the setpoint. Several programs are pre-recorded and can be modified to personalise your firing methods.

  • Hinged top bell-opening with handle
  • Organic refractory materials insulation
  • Programme visualisation by LEDs on the synoptic
  • Digital control and programming with a TC2066 programmer, easy to use and to set up. There are 5 preset and adjustable annealing programmes: hollow borosilicate, solid borosilicate, soda-lime annealing, and soda-lime annealing with slow rampage.

For glass, fusing, thermoforming and glass paste firing, it will be possible to install the TC2088 programmer (consult us).

The Blueline kiln range is guaranteed for 3 years, excluding parts “in the fire”.

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8 programmes of 8 ramps et de 8 levels

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