Glass rod Nimbus

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Glass rod Nimbus, first quality.

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Nimbus is a copper free, pastel blue-green. Based on our color Atlantis, Nimbus is an easy to work color, with no fear of REDuction. If you like Zen, but don’t want to worry about reduction, then Nimbus is the color for you.

Working Tip Be sure not to get this color too hot when in a thin application as to not cook out the pastel base and turn it transparent. Work in a neutral flame. Blow outs work best with the pastel colors.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo
“Nimbus is a translucent pastel blue-green with a soft tone. Based on a milky aquamarine color, Nimbus is subject to a variety of looks based on thickness of the color layer and techniques used to manipulate it. Nimbus handles well with or without encasement. Coiled bubbles will show coil lines whereas a blowout will produce a smooth opalescent finish. It is copper free, so it won’t go red from propane reduction. Easy to work and quick to melt, this pastel is perfect for the job when you want something with range and stability.” – Mike Shelbo

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