Rod Avorio Lapis

Effetre Murano

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Ref 591 292
Approximate lenght 1 meter, Ø 5-6 mm
The rods are shipped cut in 3.

10% discount for the purchase of a 10 rods batch.


Effetre Murano are soda-lime glassrods produced on Murano Island.
Compatible with all Effetre, Vetrofond and Precision 104 colors.

Avorio Lapis is a part of the new by Machine colour range created by the customers’ continuous support and request. This new colour range (including both transparent and opaque tonalities) has been added to the 5 traditional ones. The number of these tonalities is constantly increasing.

Glass for flamework: beads and spun glass.

Coefficient of expansion (COE) 104
Annealing temperature: 470°C

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1 rod of about 1 meter, 10 rods of 1 meter


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