Rod Helios

Double Helix

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Hand-pulled glass rods, diameter 4 to 7mm, length approx. 32cm

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Soda-lime glassrod produced by Double Helix, Helios is a golden-yellow silver-reduction glass that develops a metallic luster when reduced. Pink-tinged highlights develop with repeated reduction. Helios works best in surface applications.

Working Tip Work in a neutral flame. Cool until the glass is no longer glowing. Expose the glass to a reduction flame, while keeping it from getting hot. Brief (5-10 seconds) and repeated exposures produces the best results.

Double Helix glass is compatible with all Effetre, Vetrofond and Precision 104 colours.
Glass for flamework: beads and spun glass.

Coefficient of expansion (COE) 104
Annealing temperature: 470°C (878°F)

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1 rod of about 32cm


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