Rod Skylla

Double Helix

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Hand-pulled glass rods, diameter 4 to 7mm, length approx. 32cm.

This color is no longer produced by CiM. Once our stock has run out, it will not be renewed!

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Soda-lime glassrod produced by Double Helix, Skylla is a silver striking and copper ruby glass which has several improvements over Double Helix’ previous silver/copper striking colors. The colors are brighter, the reset is complete, the nucleation is heterogeneous and the copper ruby is redder.

Colors Produced
The silver strike produces bright blues, purples and teals while the copper ruby produces reds when applied in thin layers all the way to black if thickly applied.

Working tip
Skylla on the Surface
Reset (Heat the glass until translucent)
Cool for 30 seconds (until the glow fades)
Strike for 30-45 seconds by reheating at the tip of the flame.

Encased Skylla

Encase then Reset (heat glass until translucent)
Cool for 45 seconds
Strike for 45-60 seconds by reheating at the tip of the flame

Double Helix glass is compatible with all Effetre, Vetrofond and Precision 104 colours.
Glass for flamework: beads and spun glass.

Coefficient of expansion (COE) 104
Annealing temperature: 470°C (878°F)

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1 rod of about 32cm


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