Colourful glass rods

Glass Alchemy is pioneering in the world of raw materials for glassworkers, and they keep innovating to stay at the top of what you can find on the market.

This brand is simply the best for colourful materials. They have thousands of shades and colours - everything you might dream of for your projects.

Why did we chose to work with this brand ?

Glass Alchemy is the specialist in the production of colour rods, creating a large range of colours for artists.

Most affordable and qualitative glass rods in the world. Great value for money and their colours are very rich and vibrant.

Strengths of GLASS ALCHEMY

  • A large range of beautiful and stunning colours, perfect for any creation in borosilicate glass.
  • A family business with more than a decade of experience.
  • You can find the fantastic colours of Glass Alchemy in their rods and frits.

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