Chocolate Crayon 804 is a dense, vibrant opaque cadmium based brown. It is great for all applications and will remain dense when pulled down thin.

Working Tip: Pre-heat in outer flame. Avoid rapid heating.

Artist Description by Mike Shelbo:
“Chocolate Crayon is indeed a chocolate brown opaque color that is very dense and one of the nicest opaques in the Crayon series to work with. It handles well in any flame, sharp or soft, and can be heated closer to your torch tip than other Crayons seem to prefer. Try to keep a flame setting that is neither too reducing nor oxidizing when using Chocolate Crayon without encasement. Under clear the color holds true and can be stretched or blown very thin without losing opacity.
Chocolate Crayon works smooth and creamy, melts easily and without worry of sublimation.” – Mike Shelbo